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I 'm deb & b*more blooms is my dream made real. I was blessed, even though it was at an unexpected time, with the opportunity & challenge to do something I'd always wanted. It took me a little while to dig up my dream from ages ago & this business is where my journey has led...so far : )! Hoping you'll join me!

Flowers are a wonderful way to celebrate, to decorate, to let someone know you care...& they can be so much more! My friend Emily Gaines Demsky, whose paintings of flowers are amazing, once wrote, "Flowers connect us to the natural world. They elevate the everyday. They remind us to grow toward the...light." In flowers we find joy, a sense of play, a reminder to wonder & be grateful for the abundance in our world, a chance to deliver a little happiness to someone special. Flowers inspire us to bloom.

Thank you to the brilliant Michael Gaffney for teaching me the principles of floral design along with the formulas, tips & tricks to become a professional floral designer. Your confidence is contagious!


Thank YOU for taking the time to visit my website. Let's make all your floral dreams a reality too! Want to elevate your interior? Need a gift that will make her smile every time she walks by? Click here to subscribe for monthly arrangements delivered to your door; click here to go to the gallery of flower arrangements to see some of my work; click here to contact me. What's your favorite quote about flowers? I'd love to hear from you!


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